May 14, 2007


Wheathercrumb manor sits on Wheathercrumb hill and houses the Wheathercrumb children who had tragically been born with no parents.  Lilly Wheathercrumb was devoutly religious, although at times she suffered from spiritual melancholy and secretly believed that she had committed the unpardonable sin.  Althea Wheathercrumb did not share her sister's religious vigor.  She enjoyed mild success as a children's author, but was best known for her dictionary of foreign obscenities.  Emelia Wheathercrumb spent her time with an imaginary friend.  She also had a real friend, called Evelyn, whose existence she refused to acknowledge.  Neville Wheathercrumb's rare genius and innovation suffered constant deflation at the mocking of his elder siblings.  Collin arrived on a Wednesday, citing several geneological discrepancies and claiming to be a long-lost Wheathercrumb.  He quickly made himself at home, and placed the entire contents of the living room neatly into his suitcase.

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Written by Shane Atkinson & Daniel Needham. Illustration by Brant Moon